Monday, January 9, 2017

From Payette to Meridian and the Storm of the Century

Hey everyone!

This week was kind of a bummer week! We couldn't do hardly anything because of the weather! 22 below is not fun at all!! We spent a lot of time indoors. And a lot of time shoveling snow. 

This week was transfers and after six months I am sad to say that I will be leaving Payette. I am going to Meridian. I don't know what to expect about it. I have heard a lot of different things. But I guess all I can do is trust that the Lord has something there for me he needs me to get done. My new companion will be Elder Hutchings. I haven't met him yet but I am excited to see what he's all about!

So there really isn't that much to report. Except that it is colder here than it is in Alaska. And that this is the worst winter Idaho has had in 30 years. Storm of the century! It snowed about ten inches yesterday and then rained on top of it! So there is about an inch of ice on top of all the snow! Crazy!

I hope that you all have a great week this week! 

-Elder Waite

It's been so cold and the weather so bad that all church meetings were canceled this past weekend! Snow on top of snow on top of ice on top of snow does not make for good driving conditions! Jacob said his ward mission leader, Brother Ward, took them around shoveling a whole lot. He loves Brother Ward and is trying to get him to move to Arizona! :)

He has loved Payette so much and would stay there his entire mission if he could. He's been working with lots of great people helping them progress in the gospel and come unto Christ. He told me, "I also really hate to leave here because this coming Saturday we have three baptisms (two of them were supposed to be two days ago but they cancelled all church meetings for the weekend.) James, Bradon, and Bryce. And then next Saturday Carla, Mariah, and Daniel are getting baptized. And the week after that Erica is getting baptized. That's seven people I've been working with for the last six months and I don't even get to see them get baptized. Hopefully I can get someone to take me back to Payette for the next three weekends. It'll be interesting." I hope he can get back there for a few of them and maybe return to finish his mission there like he hopes. But, this transfer is a chance for new growth. I know he'll find people to love wherever he serves and he knows it, too. It's just hard to change! He said, " I think my time in Payette was well spent. Bishop Youngberg told me that I've done a great work here. And that I should be proud. Haha, I don't think I did that great but I am proud of what the Lord has enabled me to accomplish here.

Another week with no pictures from him. Hopefully next week I'll get some with his new area and companion!