Monday, October 31, 2016

A Baptism and A Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone!

Wow! Another week down! I have to apologize cause this is really short! Shorter than usual! but i have like zero time!

So the best thing that happened this week was that Chris got baptized! Woohoo! I am very happy for him! We are going to work with him some more and help him get the priesthood so he can baptize his two sons in the coming weeks!

That's all I have for this week! Always keep the Atonement of Jesus Christ on your mind! I have come to a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the sacrament each week! Partake of it each week and renew your covenants with the Lord. It is the single most greatest thing we can do for ourselves each and every week! It's such a blessing. I know He lives.

Stay safe tonight! Happy Halloween!


Elder Waite

I asked Jacob how many lessons he teaches per day. He said they mostly teach people who aren't currently active in the church so that they can relearn and gain confidence to come back. He said 3-4 lessons per day, 5-6 if they get lucky and find people home. To me that's incredible! I was lucky to teach once a day while I was a missionary! He also said they've been raking lots of leaves for people!

When I asked him what he was doing for Halloween he said, "We have to be in our houses by 6:00, yeah. It'll be fun though. imma sleeeeeeep!!!" Total Jacob answer!

Chris Steffey and me before his baptism

Elder Boswell and I taught Chris

Chris and his family

Exploring McCall last pday

Fun in McCall

Monday, October 24, 2016

Planning to Follow The Spirit

Hey Everyone!

All is well here in good ol' Payette, Idaho! After me taking over the area, it hasn't burnt to the ground, yet! So, that's a miracle in and of itself!

This week I have noticed a lot more of the Spirit with me! It's such a great feeling to know that the Spirit is there and working through you! One experience I had was on Wednesday. We had just contacted a referral and it was about 3:55 PM. Well, on Wednesdays we always meet with Yvette at 4:00. So, the night before I had written down in my planner "Yvette at 4:00". After we had contacted the referral I didn't know what to go and do. And I, being as hard headed as I am, didn't look at my planner to see what we had planned to do at 4:00 . So, I just decided to go drive down a road I had never been on to scope it out and see what was there. Well, this road took me to the church. Which is where we always meet Yvette. And so I got of that road and got on the road by the church and as we were passing the church I saw Yvette's car sitting there and I was reminded that we needed to meet with Yvette! By that time it was about 4:05! So, we were a little late but if I hadn't thought to turn down the road I did, we probably would've spaced completely going to meet with Yvette. This experience humbled me a bit and built my testimony of planning. When we plan we are essentially telling God where we are going to be the next day. And I know that because we planned the Lord directed us to go down that road and drive by the church at 4:00 in the afternoon. Even though I was hard headed and wouldn't look at my planner to see where to go, the Lord knew where we had planned to go and guided us there.

Kinda a cheesy story, I guess, but it humbled me quite a bit! I hope you all have a great week and always strive to follow and listen to the Spirit! I love you all and you're in my prayers!


Elder Waite

Jacob says his new companion, Elder Dean, is quiet like him. So, it's forcing him to speak more! He says he's really growing now! He also says it's getting colder. They've been running their heater for a few weeks now and he's looking at buying his winter coat soon! 

Driving in the mountains on Pday.

An amazing rainbow during the drive!

It almost felt like you could reach out and touch it!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Testimony of The Atonement

Hey, Everybody!

It's been a pretty crazy week! I found out Wednesday that I'd be staying in Payette to take over the area. Heaven help Payette! haha. I'm gonna do my best. Elder Boswell got transferred to Nampa so my new companion is Elder Dean. He's from Sacramento, California! He's a pretty good guy! I'm excited to work with him! 

Well, I am officially done with training. I am supposed to be a pro now, right?? Well, if that's the case I'm in big trouble! haha. I still have no idea what I'm doing out here! I don't think I ever will! But, my goal is to do my best! That's been my goal my whole life. To do my best with everything I do. That's all the Lord asks of us! And then He promises to make up the rest! Isn't that amazing?? I love what Jesus Christ has done for me in my life and in the lives of those around me! I love His atonement! It is so amazing to me that he suffered and died for me! And for you! I'm so grateful for the atonement in my life. I've been humbled so much so far on my mission. I know I can turn to my Father in Heaven in prayer and He will always forgive me. Always. 

Chris Steffey and his two sons, Edwin and Raymond, are getting baptized this Saturday! I'm pretty excited for them! I know they are making the best decision they could possibly make with their lives! 
My new thrift store suit. (Mom thinks it was a pretty good buy!)

That's pretty much everything interesting that happened this week! I hope everyones week went well! And I hope you all have another great one this week! REMEMBER to turn to Him in prayer! And you can never go wrong! I promise you that as a representative of Jesus Christ! 

I love you all! You're all in my prayers!

-Elder Waite
My new companion, Elder Dean, and me emailing today.

Someone apparently told Jacob that Boise State and BYU play this week. He's definitely going to be a BSU fan when he gets home! He's not much of a BYU fan. It should be a pretty tough game for BYU I'll admit. 

He also told me that since he knows the area he's been driving. But, his companion told him not for long! haha! Anyway, I'm glad he gets to drive for a little bit at least! Probably one of the things he misses the most! :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Service Brings You Closer to God

Hey everybody!

How was everybody's week?? Mine was pretty good! We did a lot of service! I love doing service because it's the one thing I actually know how to do out here. And do it well! Do service whenever you see a chance! It makes me feel so good to do service and I feel really close to my Heavenly Father when I do! I know that if you do service whenever you have or see a chance to do it you will be blessed and you will feel the love that your Heavenly Father has for you and for his children!

We had a mission tour meeting in Nampa this week! Elder Bradley Foster from the 70 came! It was pretty awesome and it sounds like there's gonna be some changes with how we work with the members as missionaries!

Transfers are this week. I am most likely staying in Payette for at least another transfer if not two. But, if i don't I will be sure to let you all know where I'll be at next Monday!

I know the restored gospel is true! I am so thankful for it! And thankful to the Lord for restoring it through the prophet Joseph Smith! He truly was and is a prophet of God! Just as President Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God today! Listen to his words and the words of the apostles. Ponder them and apply them to your lives! We were so blessed to hear from them in general conference a week ago! 

I pray for you all everyday! Thank you for all your prayers! They are greatly appreciated! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Waite

I love the positivity I'm hearing each week from this kid. That just means he is focusing on the work and serving the people. Gotta love it!

Making tortillas at a member's house and trying on a homemade kid's apron!
(I told him it doesn't fit very well!)

Monday, October 3, 2016

An Experience With Prayer

Hey everyone!

How was everyone's week?? Mine was pretty good!

I don't have much time but I wanted to share an experience I had with prayer this week!
So we were doing service for an old lady. I was going to mow her lawn but I had to fix the lawn mower first. So, of course, I took it apart and fixed it! And it started right up and ran great! After about 10 minutes of mowing I had to shut off the mower to go do something else really quick and when I came back I couldn't get the mower started again! And I didn't want to take it apart again. So, I was sitting there pulling it trying to get it started when the lady we were doing service for came out and told me to say a prayer to get it started. I was like, "yeah yeah, whatevs.. it still won't work." And as she was walking away I was like, wait a second. I am a missionary. I'm supposed to pray for anything and everything! So, I exercised my faith and said a prayer to get the mower started and I pulled it once and guess what!! You're right!! It didn't start!! So, I was like, yeah see, it doesn't work. And so I pulled it again out of frustration and it started. Seriously?? I felt terrible. I finished the lawn and that night I knelt down and prayed to my Father in heaven for forgiveness for being so stubborn. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. 

"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings and he will direct thee for good!" Alma 37:37

I hope you all have a great week this week! I love you all!


Elder Waite

Wait a minute. Was that Jacob who just told that story about prayer? My Jacob? That story touched this mom's heart because he's having the experiences that are bringing him closer to God and his Savior. He's learning little by little that what we've taught him all his life is true and REAL. He's learning for himself. That's all this mom wants. 

We spent last pday in McCall, Idaho

I went ice skating for the first and LAST time last pday in McCall!

The suit I bought at a thrift store for $11.

The original receipt for the suit I bought at the thrift store for $11!!

My tie collection so far