Monday, October 31, 2016

A Baptism and A Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone!

Wow! Another week down! I have to apologize cause this is really short! Shorter than usual! but i have like zero time!

So the best thing that happened this week was that Chris got baptized! Woohoo! I am very happy for him! We are going to work with him some more and help him get the priesthood so he can baptize his two sons in the coming weeks!

That's all I have for this week! Always keep the Atonement of Jesus Christ on your mind! I have come to a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the sacrament each week! Partake of it each week and renew your covenants with the Lord. It is the single most greatest thing we can do for ourselves each and every week! It's such a blessing. I know He lives.

Stay safe tonight! Happy Halloween!


Elder Waite

I asked Jacob how many lessons he teaches per day. He said they mostly teach people who aren't currently active in the church so that they can relearn and gain confidence to come back. He said 3-4 lessons per day, 5-6 if they get lucky and find people home. To me that's incredible! I was lucky to teach once a day while I was a missionary! He also said they've been raking lots of leaves for people!

When I asked him what he was doing for Halloween he said, "We have to be in our houses by 6:00, yeah. It'll be fun though. imma sleeeeeeep!!!" Total Jacob answer!

Chris Steffey and me before his baptism

Elder Boswell and I taught Chris

Chris and his family

Exploring McCall last pday

Fun in McCall