Monday, October 24, 2016

Planning to Follow The Spirit

Hey Everyone!

All is well here in good ol' Payette, Idaho! After me taking over the area, it hasn't burnt to the ground, yet! So, that's a miracle in and of itself!

This week I have noticed a lot more of the Spirit with me! It's such a great feeling to know that the Spirit is there and working through you! One experience I had was on Wednesday. We had just contacted a referral and it was about 3:55 PM. Well, on Wednesdays we always meet with Yvette at 4:00. So, the night before I had written down in my planner "Yvette at 4:00". After we had contacted the referral I didn't know what to go and do. And I, being as hard headed as I am, didn't look at my planner to see what we had planned to do at 4:00 . So, I just decided to go drive down a road I had never been on to scope it out and see what was there. Well, this road took me to the church. Which is where we always meet Yvette. And so I got of that road and got on the road by the church and as we were passing the church I saw Yvette's car sitting there and I was reminded that we needed to meet with Yvette! By that time it was about 4:05! So, we were a little late but if I hadn't thought to turn down the road I did, we probably would've spaced completely going to meet with Yvette. This experience humbled me a bit and built my testimony of planning. When we plan we are essentially telling God where we are going to be the next day. And I know that because we planned the Lord directed us to go down that road and drive by the church at 4:00 in the afternoon. Even though I was hard headed and wouldn't look at my planner to see where to go, the Lord knew where we had planned to go and guided us there.

Kinda a cheesy story, I guess, but it humbled me quite a bit! I hope you all have a great week and always strive to follow and listen to the Spirit! I love you all and you're in my prayers!


Elder Waite

Jacob says his new companion, Elder Dean, is quiet like him. So, it's forcing him to speak more! He says he's really growing now! He also says it's getting colder. They've been running their heater for a few weeks now and he's looking at buying his winter coat soon! 

Driving in the mountains on Pday.

An amazing rainbow during the drive!

It almost felt like you could reach out and touch it!