Monday, January 16, 2017

A New Area, New Companion, and Hopefully a Haircut!

Transfers were this week and I'm happy to say that Jacob was nothing but positive in his email communications with me! I worried all week that he would be really upset about leaving Payette but I prayed a lot and I know the Lord is blessing him to be strong and ready to learn what he needs to learn! He said, "The week was good! Transfers went well. Elder Hutchings is awesome! I love him already. We are living with the zone leaders, Elders Rettig and Martinez, in an apartment. It's a nice place. I have a top bunk. So, that's a little different. I am planning on getting my haircut today at a place called great clips cause they give us free haircuts on Mondays.. If it's closed for MLK day I'll go tomorrow - it's too long to wait another week. So far Meridian is good. I don't like the city too much but the people are awesome. The Madsens and the McEvoys are my favorite so far. (I've told him and many members that I've found on facebook that he needs a haircut bad!!)

My New Companion, Elder Hutchings, and me!
He told me they're working with a girl that was going to go on a mission and then decided not to and basically doesn't believe it anymore. He said it was really sad but he asked her if she was reading The Book of Mormon and she said no. He challenged her to read it and she said she would. I can't wait to hear more about her and how reading will help her to feel the Spirit! Also, Jacob got to go to the baptisms on Saturday. His mission president took him himself! That's so amazing! He said he hopes to be able to go to the ones this Saturday and next Saturday, too. That would be a bummer to work so long with people and not see them be baptized. 

My New Zone - the Meridian West Zone
He said they're working with lots of great people in Meridian so he has lots of work ahead which is great!

And then, just like that, they were kicked out of the Family History Center Library and he had to say good bye! That's why I'm writing this post today! Can't wait to hear more and see if he actually gets his hair cut! 

Saying good bye to Elder Masten at transfers!

Saying good bye to Elder Price, too!

And farewell to Elder Dean!