Monday, January 23, 2017

A Good Week in Meridian and Baptisms in Payette

No mass email again this week. I think Jacob's pdays in Meridian include shorter email times! But, that's ok. I write him every week and I'll share some of his responses. I asked him about the baptisms last Saturday because I know he got to go. He said, "I am glad that I was able to go as well! It was so awesome! The spirit was there! And I know that they know they made a great choice! And President and Sister Sorensen were there, too! So they got to meet them which was pretty cool!" Most of the pictures I got this week were taken at the baptism.

I asked him about who he is teaching right now. He said, "Right now we are teaching a family of three. We have taught them the first lesson and they came to church yesterday! And they said they liked it wayyy better than where they've been attending! hahaha, so that's promising! I am enjoying Meridian. It's a lot different from Payette. But its okay. I already know that I won't like anywhere I serve as much as I liked Payette, but that's okay. I'll go back someday." I guess it's a good thing he got his favorite area first! His dad and I had a favorite area as well. 

As you can see he got his HAIR CUT! 
Carla and her husband and kids

Elder Dean baptized Carla and her kids

Elder Waite with the Stowells

Elder Waite with the Wards

Elder Waite with Bishop Youngberg

'Action shot' Elder Waite preparing a video during the baptism

Elder Waite and Elder Hutchings

Elder Waite and Elder Ray on exchanges