Monday, August 8, 2016

No More Smelly Apartment

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone’s week went well! There's lots to do here in Payette, Idaho! My companion and I have met with A LOT of people the past couple weeks. We met with a guy named James on Saturday and taught him the first lesson and committed him to baptism! He was a referral from one of his friends that had been recently baptized and had been talking to him about the church so he was pretty interested!

My apartment was kinda smelly at first but my companion, Elder Boswell, and I cleaned it up really nice and it doesn’t smell anymore! lol. We live with members in an add on to their house. They are an old couple and she has dementia and forgets things. But she always remembers us and is the happiest person you’ll ever meet! Always greets us with a smile! Her husband is 92 years old but you wouldn’t know it if you saw him! They go fishing almost every day and the other day he caught 12 fish! He is awesome!

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time so I hope you all have a great week! School starts next week for you St. Johns dwellers! lol Have fun!! ;)

I love you all!

-Elder Waite

Our family sent a ‘greenie’ package to Jacob this week. He said he got it right after they had gone to the store and we had sent the same air fresheners they had just bought! Haha! I knew he would be the kind of missionary that would clean up each new apartment he moved into. (It’s pretty typical for missionaries to have messy/dirty apartment – they are just 18-20 years old!) He definitely likes his surroundings to be clean.

Jacob says he’s working hard on learning how to talk to people. He’s a pretty quiet guy so it’s been a struggle. He said his companion thinks he’s doing better. I’m sure he’ll be great at it after 24 months! Ether 12:27 promises that our weaknesses can be made into strengths. I believe it! I’ve already seen him improve!

Jacob said he completely forgot to take any photos this week.
 But, I loved getting this text out of the blue from
an older couple they were teaching that day!