Monday, August 22, 2016

...As They Walked and Walked and Walked

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty good! We taught quite a few lessons to a bunch of different people! I still struggle with speaking to people. But I’m getting there, I think... haha! 
We walked A LOT this week! We get 1200 miles a month and because my zone is so huge we have used up quite a bit of miles already this month so we are trying to cut back by walking around Payette.
I got ahold of a guitar this week! Finally! I've been able to play it a few times but not much because we are ALWAYS on the move! But that’s missionary work! Busy, busy, busy! its awesome most of the time but can be very, very tiring!
I don’t really have anything spiritual to share this week because everybody we went to go see it seemed like, couldn’t talk and told us to come back another time. So it’s hard but humbling as well.
I hope everyone’s first week of school went alright back home! Good luck this week! 
Mr. Smith, work them hard in History and Economics! Especially my sister! hahaha, sorry Lydia;)
Anyway I love you all! Have a great week! The gospel is true! The atonement is real! Always remember that!

-Elder Waite

Jacob says he really misses driving. Any of you that know him very well know that he loves cars and driving! He’s a ‘car guy’ for sure! The senior companion does the driving so he won’t be driving for quite a while! He's trying to be thankful for the Toyota Corolla that they get to drive. Haha. 
He says he’s working on his relationship with Christ and as the mom I can see the development of it already. We both agree that a mission is very difficult but it can shape you into a new person in Christ if you let it. He’s being blessed and I look forward to watching this process take place over the next two years. 
There is a primary song that speaks of the pioneer children crossing the plains. It goes like this: 
"Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked." 
I'm sure Jacob can relate to pioneer children this week!

My daily planner

The pizza burned even though I followed the directions!

My companion, Elder Boswell

I made the green jello that my family sent in my 'greenie' package
I was really hungry!

On the road to Nampa for meetings

My handmade leather scripture case is starting to show some wear!