Monday, February 13, 2017

Lots of Work and a New Bike

Hello Everybody!

Things are starting to warm up here in Idaho! The sidewalks are clear and now instead of 5 miles everyday we can walk 7!! Except I am getting a bike today so that will probably double! 

The work is going great and our investigators are progressing well. All I can do is hope and pray that they will continue to make the correct choices and continually progress closer and closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ everyday.

Not much else to report on this week. We Jaywalked in front of some cops the other day... so that was pretty funny. It's a good thing that that isn't illegal in Idaho!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Waite

I told Jacob that one of the things I pray about concerning him is that he and his companion will know how to make their time productive. Here is his response: "Thank you for praying for my productivity.. haha. I feel like it helped a lot this week. One investigator, Travis, we have taught the first three lessons to but we are going to start over and reteach them because he really has no knowledge of Christ at all. It's pretty crazy and kinda sad. The family of three we are teaching got back from Germany last night so we have an appointment with them on Wednesday night. We are going to review the first three lessons with them. And our other investigator, Sita, is on date for baptism on March 11th . haha, I tried to kinda push it to the 18th.. but it's okay. The sooner the better. We will probably try to set the family of three for the 18th of March. That way while you are all {at Abbie's wedding} I will be here baptizing 3 people.... lol."

Also, I noticed that he spent money on a bike today so maybe we'll start hearing about bike adventures soon!

No pictures...again! :(