Friday, July 29, 2016

Transition From the MTC to the Field

Jacob was able to call the morning he flew from SLC to Boise. He sounded really good and ready to go. Then we heard from the Idaho Nampa Mission office on Wednesday, "Elder Waite has arrived in our mission and doing well. We are pleased to have this fine young man."
Elder Waite with President and Sister Sorensen
Elder Waite just arriving in Idaho
We also heard from Jacob. He was told to write a quick email home and let us know he made it. He says he likes his companion, Elder Boswell. Since Elder Boswell is his trainer he calls him his 'dad'. Haha! (it's a mission thing) He's from Missouri. They are serving together in Payette, ID. We are looking forward to hearing more this coming Monday!

Elder Waite emailing with Elder Boswell in Payette, ID
Elder Waite met another Elder Waite in the MTC!

Jacob was also blessed to be among a few St. Johns friends in the MTC!
Jacob and Levi
Jacob and Marcus

Jacob and Trevor

Jacob and Rebecca

Jacob and Seth