Thursday, July 14, 2016

Look to Pizza Day

Hey everyone!! Its finally P-day! Boy has it been a rough week! and talk about long! I feel like it could've lasted about five years! That's probably not the case for all you guys but it was for me! I hope everyone is doing okay! 

This first week started out, and it was really hard. Everyone tells you that missions are hard and you're like "yeah, yeah whatever" but dang! its true! This has probably been the hardest week of my life! Mostly because I can't talk to my family whenever I want. And I can't be alone, boy do I miss being able to be alone! But it's getting better! If you don't know already, I'm a Dr. Pepper addict.. and there's no caffeine in the MTC.. So i am having some serious withdrawals! 

16 hour days and 8 hour nights are something I'm definitely not used to. It's been crazy! But it's also been a crazy good experience! I'm looking forward to the next 103 weeks!! 

The past week I've been really grateful for all the tender mercies that the Lord has shown me. Elder Trevor James somehow got to be my host when I got here. He said that 645 missionaries came into the MTC that day and he only got to escort 5 of them. And somehow I was one! I can't say enough how much easier that made the whole leaving my parents at the curb thing!!

I've been really greatful for my district! There aren't any sisters so its all elders! There's twelve in a district, so we call ourselves The Twelvders! Haha! That's been really fun.

I guess I should explain the whole "Look to pizza day" thing. Like I said the last week has been really hard. My sister, Abbie (Sister Waite), knew I was having a rough time and she told me that I should just take it one step at a time. Instead of looking two years ahead I should just look to pizza day! In the MTC they serve pizza every Friday! So, I took what she said to heart and that's what I've been trying to do to make the days go by a little faster!

Well, thats all I have for this week! I hope all of you have a good week!


Elder Waite

Elder Van Der Wekken and me

"The Twelvders"

My roommates

Marcus 'aka' Elder Wiltbank and me

My study area 'aka' my bed

At the Provo Temple