Monday, December 5, 2016

Blessings of the Spirit

Hello Everyone!

No time this week at all! It's crazy! I just hope that all is well with you guys! And that everyone is looking for opportunities to serve one another!

I am just gonna share an experience I had yesterday in church. The Payette 2nd ward reminds me a lot of my home ward back in SJ. A lot of older people and almost no youth. So they had a shortage on priests to bless the sacrament. And they asked me to help bless! It was awesome because I haven't had that opportunity since before I left on my mission. I felt the spirit so much as I took the sacrament yesterday. I had been fasting for a lot of things yesterday, it being fast Sunday and one thing was to have a great spiritual experience that day. It was awesome to get that experience. The Lord answers prayers. Prayer works.

Carla (one of our investigators) and her two kids Mariah and Daniel are progressing well and we have them on date for baptism in January! So excited!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Waite

It's interesting how the Spirit works because Stacy was asked to pass the sacrament yesterday which hasn't happened in a while and the whole time I was thinking about how Jacob used to bless the sacrament every Sunday and wouldn't it be nice if he were there to bless and pass with his dad. I guess they got to but they were just two states away while they did it! I'm grateful for the priesthood in my home and that my boys honor it. 

Elder Masten and me bowling last Monday

Found my first gray hair during my haircut this week!

The advantages of not having to share - drinking straight from the bottle!

Christmas lights my mom sent me.