Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey Everyone!

This week was another great one to be a missionary! We had another great lesson with our investigator family of three. We taught them the law of tithing and they were all for it! And that's not even the best part! Last week, we taught them the Word of Wisdom. And last week they said that they had already known a little bit about it so they gave up coffee a couple weeks before. I know! Who does that, right!? They are so awesome! But wait! There's more! He said that the next day after we taught them the word of wisdom him and his wife went back and read D and C Section 89 together and after they were done with that, he decided he was quitting everything. He said he had been chewing tobacco since he was 11 years old and 37 years later he just threw it all away. He is going on a week and a half now without chewing. He also threw out the 2 beers he had in his house. The part I like best is that when he said that he threw out his chew he went up to the mountains to "heal" for a day. I love that because I know what he means! The mountains are so amazing. I love them so much, because there is no where on earth that I feel closer to my Heavenly Father than in the mountains. And I know that he can feel that as well when he is in the mountains. Anyway, this family is so GOLDEN!! It's so awesome to be working with them. 

Other than that nothing else exciting really happened here in Idaho! It rained quite a bit. Although when it rains here it just sprinkles all day unlike Arizona were it just pours for 10-15 minutes and its done. Haha, I can't figure out which way I like more! Probably Arizona. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Waite 
Sita and her family at her baptism last Saturday

my bike!

Cooking Lunch!

A recipe I made up - breaded chicken, N'Orleans cajun spice, cholula sauce, and cheese in a tortilla.

At Texas Roadhouse for dinner with members

I love pictures
 I sent Jacob a tie to wear the day his sister, Abbie, got married. It's the same tie that her husband, Ty, wore. He was sad to miss his sister's wedding but he seems truly happy as a missionary!
Hanging out at a member's house in my tie for Abbie's wedding

I'm so happy for my sister, Abbie, and her new husband, Ty